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SLIVERLEAF SERIES – Hidden Bunk 10′x’50′ - $112,000 This newly redesigned unit allows for your sleeping quarters to be hidden while you sleep safely behind a concealed and locked security door. Upon entry you only see the kitchen area, a fold out sofa bed and a bathroom. What you don’t see is that hidden behind the bathroom there is enough room to sleep a dozen people plus enough room for food storage underneath the bunks that are raised for food storage. This model comes with the same amenities as our 10′x50′ Upgrade Models which include Dining Table With Bench, Double Counter With Sink, Composting Toilet, NBC Air Filtration with Blast Valves and Overpressure, Jack Knife Sofa (Doubles As Extra Bed), Bullet Resistant Security Door, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Water Pressure Pump, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump and Master Bedroom. Call for installation pricing.
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