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World-Class Army Navy Surplus Store:

Passionate. Professional. Authentic.
At Swiss Link, the vision is to offer a seamless shopping experience and access to the world's finest military goods. With a range of top-tier items and a passion for quality, this company continues to offer tremendous value.
All products are hand-picked and vetted before being placed in front of customers. The goal is to provide something unique, consistent, and affordable all wrapped into one Swiss Link package. This is the charm of trusting experts with a desire to provide quality and nothing short of the best. 

What makes Swiss Link special?

1) Full Range of Products
2) 100% Quality
3) Import From Around The World
4) Run By Experts
5) Competitive Prices
6) Elite Customer Service
Swiss Link is unmatched when it comes to delivering a high-quality product at affordable prices. Go through all of these items and pick out the one that suits your personal needs. 
Whether it's Italian wool blankets, camping gear, or a German shovel, Swiss Link has something special for everyone. This is a leading army navy surplus store because it cares about its customers and wants to offer real value. 
Pick and choose your favorite product knowing it has been sourced from the best.

Commitment To Quality

Customers deserve the best, and it all starts with quality.
These military surplus goods aren't sourced from inefficient suppliers nor are they broken-down items. These are products that are sourced with care and are built to last. They will come in good shape and are going to work as promised. This commitment to quality is a part of what makes Swiss Link as reputable as it is.
Customers can be confident in Swiss Link's selection, everything we sell is processed, scanned, and vetted before being placed in our catalog. 

20 Years of Experience

Swiss Link has been in the business for over 20 years and continued to pride itself on quality.
This is a team that has worked hard to build a robust inventory of military surplus that's built for your needs. This experience has led to a seamless process of surplus items coming in and being offered to the masses.
Trust the experience of our team and tap into what's ever expanding catalog of unique products. Swiss Link and its professionals are more than ready to assist customers with their purchase and/or any questions they may have.

New Inventory

Waiting for something unique to catch your eye? Swiss Link has seasoned experts with a network of connections searching the world for military surplus. Remain in contact and continue to search through the extensive inventory to pick out a robust product. All items are picked with a high level of care to ensure customer satisfaction.
The team prides itself on maintaining active connections in the military world and aims to find world-class surplus. Customers wanting robust products know it all starts here at Swiss Link.

The Best Army Navy Store

Located in Paradise, CA, Swiss Link is the number one army navy surplus store in the region and continues to add to its reputation. Customers wishing to acquire the latest and greatest military surplus should seek out Swiss Link and its active inventory.
All items have something unique to offer making them a must-see part of the collection.  Take the time to appreciate these products and enjoy the value they have to offer. It all starts with a simple look at the inventory.
For more information, please feel free to contact Swiss Link and request additional military surplus items from around the world.

Swiss Link Army Navy Store for the best deals in 2018