Atwood Rope MFG 1/2" X 50ft Camo

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Atwood Rope MFG 1/2" X 50ft Camo

1/2" Utility
1/2" has the power to get the toughest of jobs done. This rope is designed with a 50/50 sheath to core ratio making it more rugged and long lasting. This rope is strong, flexible, and large enough to grip securely. The construction makes the rope snag and abrasion resistant while offering great handling. Additionally, this rope resists flattening under loads and maintains it's flexibility. 

Great for construction, hauling and cargo restraint, contractors, animal leashes, camping, roping off areas for crowd control, in the workshop or on the farm, ETC. This rope performs well in nearly all conditions, environments, and applications. 

Atwood Rope makes some of the highest quality Utility Rope on Earth! It's made in America tough! With an uncompromising attention to detail and design construction, we take great pride in manufacturing this product.

• 1/2" / 13mm diameter
• Tensile strength - 2200 lbs / 998 kg
• Weight (oz/50ft) - 32 oz / 907 g
• Long Lasting & Durable
• Full Fiber Core / Multi-Filament Fiber
• Color will not run or bleed
• UV, chemical, rot & mildew resistant
• Synthetic & lightweight
• Floats
• Made in the USA

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