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Aluminum boxes don't get better than this
There's no end to the uses one could have for a solid, lightweight, water-tight, very large box—even if you're not a prepper. We went out and had these aluminum cases made to our specs.
Swiss Link Introduces the Raptor Box
The Swiss Link Watertight Hard Case, or "Raptor Box", is a real beast. As you can see in the video above, it can easily withstand being ran over by a full-sized hummer over and over again.
Is it possible to dam a river in ten minutes?
With traditional sandbags, this would be impossible. You would have to first truck sand into the location, get some shovels and workers together to fill each bag, then finally stack them up to form your dam.
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Bushcraft Blankets on a Budget
Hardly ever has there been a blanket that is more famous and sought after then the Swiss Army Blanket. For 20 years we sold the original stock from the Swiss Army until it was completely sold out worldwide.  So... using the precise original specifications...
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Swiss Link | What's behind the name?
Swiss Link Military Surplus, in its early days, played a role in the demilitarization of the Swiss Army. For twenty years Swiss Link sold off the goods that the Swiss Army chose to sell off in the surplus world as opposed to destroying it like some other militaries do.
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Justin Timberlake sports Flecktarn at Super Bowl LII Half Time Show
It's true, Justin Timberlake brought SexyBack with camo. He did this in a custom-designed Stella McCarthy suit with a camouflage pattern which very closely resembles German Flecktarn
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Wavian Cans Ranked #1 over all Gasoline & Fuel Cans
BBQ and Patio Says Wavian is the Best Jeep / Hummer Can Ever Made
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Best Hunting Jacket And Other Military Surplus
Explore the options with Swiss Link’s convenient size options for refining your search and know that you’ll find the right results without hassles or complications along the way. If you have any questions don’t hesitate reaching out to us - we’ll get you the right brands and jacket models to fit your needs.
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Swiss Link's Quick and Easy Guide to Surviving The Storm
Winter storms are no joke, this is the first in a multi-part series on "Surviving the Storm."
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Stormbags, how they're made and how they work.
Julie present to us how the Stormtec Stormbag works and Billy show us how to make storm bags.
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