Really? You don't care about your elbows?

Really? You don't care about your elbows?

Such a disappointment.

I hope you never fall on your unprotected elbows. Be careful out there. Swiss Link Military Surplus also carries a great selection of Army Navy goods from around the world as well as Steel Fuel Cans and Classic Wool Blankets though so there's still a pretty good chance we can be friends. Just take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy. In case you changed your mind, feel free to hit this link to add a couple pairs of US Army Issue Elbow Pads to your cart.

Petrol Jerry Cans NATO Fuel Cans

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Swiss Link - January 19, 2019

Hi Dave, it looks like there was an error in our shipping calculator which we have since fixed.

Dave - January 18, 2019

I thought about grabbing some of your ParaCord, 100’-$8.99. Good price, right? SHIPPING FED-EX GROUND (cheapest)-$20.53!!! Really?! Try the USPS. Probably would be less than $5 bucks. I just ordered a Swedish Jacket, pair of German Flecktarn Trousers, and a belt from Verusteleka for less than $50., AND $9.99 SHIPPING FROM HELSINKI, FINLAND!!! Think about it!

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