2019 Photo Contest

2019 Photo Contest

It's true! Wavian USA is GIVING AWAY one Wavian USA Starter Package to the winner of their 2019 Wavian USA Photo Contest.

Here is how it works:

1: Follow @WavianUSA on Instagram with this link: click here.

2. Post the very best pic of your Wavian Fuel Can or of a rig that you'd like to add a fuel can to on your Instagram account. Tag @WavianUSA in the picture and use the hashtag #waviangiveaway in the caption.

3. Let them know! Send Wavian USA a message on Instagram or Facebook letting them know about your submission and they'll take a look! You will also receive a special thank you for your submission in the form of a 5% discount on your next order from wavianusa.com :)

They will select a winner on March 31, 2019and send the prize absolutely free! @WavianUSA will be re-posting some of their favorite submissions along the way and asking their followers to let them know which post they think should win as well!

Anyone who enters the contest will receive a special discount code as a thank you which will be valid for five percent off on their next purchase at wavianusa.com

Follow the steps closely and be sure not to forget to let Wavian USA know about your submission! We look forward to checking out your awesome rigs and creative uses of our Wavian Fuel Cans!

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