British Royal Mail Courier / Messenger Bag

British Royal Mail Courier / Messenger Bag

This is the official British Royal Mail courier bag. It comes with large, reflective high-vis stripes and a single padded carry strap. These bags measure about 14" x 18" x 6" and have a capacity of approximately 24 liters. They're meant to carry mail so they're built very water-resistant to protect their contents from rain.

Used, they may have some dirt and signs of wear, but they're all in perfectly serviceable condition. The bags vary slightly in look and style—some of the reflective striping may be peeled or missing and the bags may include writing from their original owners. They could use a wash and steam, but with a little TLC, they're a great bag for everyday use.

The reflective, high-vis stripe is available in yellow or white while supplies last. Some limited quantities of blue bags may be available as well.

Royal Mail SatchelRoyal Mail Satchel
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