Camp Fire Update — 11/14/2018

Camp Fire Update — 11/14/2018

The sheer scale of the devastation our community is experiencing is unbelievable. There is a light in the darkness though and that’s how closely people have come together in this time of loss and grief. It seems around every corner there is another friend, family member, or total stranger offering love and support. The surrounding areas have welcomed refugees with open arms and seemingly never-ending care. 

Thank you so much to the brave firefighters and service members risking their lives and setting everything aside to fight the fight. From what I understand, there are over five thousand firefighters from around the state working tirelessly to cease the spread of this disaster. Our thoughts are with you today. 

To our patient customers, partners and dear friends, we are working non-stop to find a new warehouse and get our operation up and running as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your understanding. 

With love,
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