How to prepare for a disaster

How to prepare for a disaster

The proverbial s*** has hit the fan and you have to evacuate. You don't have any time to pack your things, you've been told you have to leave immediately. Now what?

Well, if you've planned ahead you'll grab your "bug-out bag" (BOB) and be on your way. If not, you may be left scrambling to get yourself together and now you've lost any time advantage you might have otherwise had. Even worse, you leave without the essentials. 

Any prepper will tell you that the most important thing you can have is a plan. Part of that plan is your BOB. This kit will make sure the essentials for your survival are taken care of. 

Military surplus makes for great bug-out gear because it's cheap, sturdy, and dependable. Gear built for military use is battle tested and meant for heavy use. You want equipment you can depend on when you're fighting for survival.

What gear do you need? Below, I will outline the essentials. Whether you're preparing for an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, or WWIII, the core gear you need will more or less remain the same.

First things first: water.

You need fresh water. Preferably 2-3 days worth. It may not be the first thing you think of now, but when SHTF, you'll be thankful that you have it. It is the essence of life, after all.

If you really can't carry water, at the very least you should have a high-quality water filter like this one. In any case, when the water you've packed runs out, you'll still be glad you have a good filter. They even make some that attach directly to a water bottle.

Secondly, you'll need food.

Just like water, you need food to survive. It's obvious, but so many people forget to keep something in their packs. MRE's are perfect. They're lightweight, often come with cooking and assembly materials, and they're high in calories. A military MRE will provide you with all the nutrition you need.

If you can't pack entire meals, at least keep some energy bars or trail mix in your BOB. You'll be glad you did.

The pack itself.

Nothing is worth anything to you if it spills out of the bottom of a cheap backpack or drags you down because you can't fit it into your bag. You need a good, sturdy bag that will carry everything you need and be dependable enough to face whatever trouble you might get yourself into. 

Depending on your budget, you can get anything from a high-tech Alice pack to a sturdy military duffle bag. Depending on your ability to carry and the length of time you plan on prepping for, you may want to pack a smaller or larger bag. The important thing is that it's dependable and suits your needs. Army navy surplus is going to be the best bet when it comes to both quality and price.

Survival gear.

Now we're getting to the meat and potatoes of the pack. We recommend a good starting place look something like this:

Most folks already have a favorite knife or multi-tool, you really ought to bring that along or otherwise keep a spare in your BOB for safe measure. In addition to this kit, we recommend packing 2-3 days of drinking water and food, any important documents, and of course small valuables like gold or cash that you don't want to leave behind. 

We've put these together for you in a convenient kit at a discounted price. We'll even throw in a FREE Hungarian Duffle Bag and we'll provide free shipping within the continental United States. This is an essentials kit and meant to be a good starting point.

With the growing concern of natural disasters, whether it be tornadoes in the mid-west, flooding in the south, hurricanes to the east, and fires and earthquakes on the west coast, it is becoming more important to be prepared.

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