NEW ARRIVAL! Czech Army Issue Canteens

NEW ARRIVAL! Czech Army Issue Canteens

Czech Army Canteens

JUST IN // 1.25.2019

These are brand new Czech Army issue metal canteens. They come with a wool cover for insulation and a leather strap that you can attach to your gear. They come mixed with either a cork or plastic top and the wool covers vary in color. They're great to take hiking, backpacking, to a festival, or on a road trip. You can't beat the old look and feel of this canteen nor its functionality. The wool cover is both soft on your hands and insulating. Old technology and genuine military surplus still work the best. Check out all of our canteens here.

Why choose genuine military surplus? Because of the nature of warfare, military suppliers had to build their products to hold up to heavy use and battle conditions. These military surplus canteens are no exception. The Czech military chose wool for its incredible ability to both insulate and protect the canteens. The genuine leather straps are tough and the canteen itself is in great condition.

Army Navy Canteen

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