Our dinosaur made the news!

Our dinosaur made the news!

The dinosaur survived the fire. How’s that for irony? A large metal sculpture of an extinct species was still standing at Maurice "Big Mo" Huffman's Swiss Link Military Surplus business, while every other item marking the time the local bluesman has lived in Butte County was wiped out by the Camp Fire.

Big Mo is probably the most recognizable musician in the county, and he is one of many in the local music scene who was burned out on Nov. 8.

Gone is the home Huffman shared with his wife, Robin, as well as his two businesses—Mo Sound and all of its live-music sound equipment, and Swiss Link and the contents (save the dinosaur mascot and old jet fuel tank) of its 40,000-square-foot warehouse filled with gear collected over 40 years. He also lost three rental properties, one of which his son, Miles, and daughter-in-law, Huan, had just moved into; a studio and all master recordings of his music since 1979; and a rehearsal studio and every piece of music equipment he owned.

“Who would have ever dreamt everything you ever did and ever owned, in one hour, is gone,” Huffman said during a recent interview, “everything I ever built in 30 years up there.”

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Swiss Link Military Surplus


Courtesy: Chico News & Review

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