Swiss Link turns 20 years old

Swiss Link turns 20 years old

Staying in business in general is tough. But although staying in business in Paradise has its own set of challenges, Maurice “Big Mo” Huffman has managed to stay in business for 20 years.

Swiss Link Military Surplus will celebrate 20 years in business in May, but Huffman is launching a website today to help him stay in business for the next 20 years.

Huffman said Google quietly changed its algorithms last year, which caused his online numbers to dwindle.

After researching, he found out that “Search Engine Optimization” is the preferred method of getting web page traffic these days.

Huffman is admittedly not a computer tech, so he hired a new employee simply to take care of online traffic.

And that’s where he thinks sales are heading.

“Maybe not in our generation, but I think the next generation aren’t going to go to stores,” he said.

Everything from gadgets to groceries can be found online at competitive prices, he said.

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