Camp Fire Paradise CA

They survived!

Across the street from our main warehouse was a small pop-up building that we used to store a few things and miraculously it survived unscathed! Inside were these Hungarian Duffle Bags. Get one today and you can say you've got a relic not only from the Hungarian military but also from the deadliest fire in California's history.

The Hungarians are not only famous for their Goulash and Shashlik they also made some awesome Military bags. This Hungarian duffle bag has a strap on the back, so it can also be worn as a backpack. It can be folded in to measure 14" x 22" or fully expanded measures 31" x 22". They're used but in very good condition—not even smokey!


Swiss Link Military Surplus carries a great selection of Army Navy goods from around the world as well as Steel Fuel Cans and Classic Wool Blankets.

Petrol Jerry Cans NATO Fuel Cans


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Scott - December 19, 2018

Glad to see the site back up and going.. I too am looking forward to the new future of SwissLink.

David A. Jump - December 18, 2018

Welcome back Guys, Glad you are safe. Look forward to the future with SwissLink .

Swiss Link - December 18, 2018

Thanks so much, Ray. We look forward to working with you too. It means a lot to us that you all are sticking with us.

John along with some of the changes we have made a new website. I found your account information on the old system and sent you a link to activate the account on the new system. All you will have to do is add a new password.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly at

Ray - December 16, 2018
Look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Best wishes.
John gigante - December 15, 2018

I’m so sorry wa t happen to u guy ur my favorite surplus store i hope u can get back to what use do best i tried to log in and it says in valid credentials hope let me know what to do i wish u the best I’m keep trying to log in hope u get great inventory soon God bless.

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