Why choose wool blankets?

Why choose wool blankets?

Plaid Classic Wool Blanket Swiss Link

Top ten reasons to choose wool:

  1. Wool is nontoxic
  2. Wool wicks moisture 
  3. Wool is a renewable fiber
  4. Wool is washable
  5. Wool is durable 
  6. Wool insulates when wet
  7. Wool is flame resistant
  8. Wool is stain resistant
  9. Wool is antibacterial
  10. Wool is breathable

Wool has a unique history which traces back to ten thousand years ago with the first domestication of sheep. Wild sheep were originally more hairy than wooly, so to speak. Over time the quality of the fibers has improved and as you can imagine, ten thousand years makes for a lot of improvement. Wool has a real connection to military surplus as well. Wool pants and wool jackets have been protecting soldiers since sheeps hair was first turned to thread some ten thousand years ago.

A World War I-era poster sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture encouraging children to raise sheep to provide needed war supplies.

Wool blankets have been used for thousands of years as throw blankets, a lifeline against the cold of harsh winters, and picnic blankets. Today, Classic Wool blankets by Swiss Link are extremely soft to the touch and very durable. They're generously sized and well constructed from real Indian wool. Choose from a variety of styles such as plaid wool blankets, US Navy and US Army reproductions, and the classic utility blanket. Throw blankets and picnic blankets have never felt better.

Charcoal Grey Classic Wool Blanket Swiss Link

Swiss Link Military Surplus carries a great selection of Army Navy goods from around the world as well as Steel Fuel Cans and Classic Wool Blankets.

Wool Blankets

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