Why Is Military Surplus Good For The Planet?

Why Is Military Surplus Good For The Planet?

You don't have to be a bleeding heart liberal to appreciate the planet we live on.

Over-consumption and wreckless manufacturing are posing a serious threat to the cleanliness of our air, quality of our water, and the health and diversity of wildlife on earth. Every single day, the average American produces seven pounds of trash (source)—but they're not to blame directly.

Products these days are not built to last. Companies build the specific lifespan of their products right into the design. It's a capitalist calculation. How long should a product last before breaking that will keep the customer coming back for more? If it's built to last forever, it will only be purchased once. If it breaks on the second day, it won't be bought again. This is how they trick you into buying the latest iPhone or pair of sneakers as often as possible... and all the while doing the most damage possible to not only your wallet but the earth itself.

"...there is a price to pay for this uncontrolled consumption. Perhaps, we do not yet realize that everything we consume comes from the natural world - it is extracted, mined, farmed, grown, fished, cut down - and the resources on this planet are limited. As we continue to consume at an ever increasing rate for the illusion of a "comfortable" life, the planet suffers from this over-extraction of resources - forests, fish, soil, minerals, water... resulting in degraded and collapsing ecosystems, habitats, and species. In addition, increased consumption creates increased pollution and waste and the very essentials for life - air, land, and water get more and more polluted and toxic." — Wold Centric

How does Military Surplus help?

A phrase you may have heard of puts the simplest of efforts into the clearest order: Reduce, Re-Use, & Recycle. Reducing your consumption is, of course, going to help but that isn't always an option. If you need a new backpack or pair of boots, you need a new backpack or pair of boots. There's no getting around that. That's where the second  "R" comes in... re-use.

Military goods are already here. They've been built, used, and set aside for the shiny new things that whatever general might have been drooling over. Not only are they already here, but they're also oftentimes in really fantastic condition. On top of that, they're built tough! Genuine military issue gear will always outlast and out-perform civilian grade goods. It's built for soldiers whose actual lives depend on the quality. Not only will you avoid using the raw materials required to make new stuff, but you will also have something built to last. That means you won't have to go through as much stuff in the first place. 

An added benefit: it's cheap. Sometimes the ways people try to push you into being "environmentally-conscious" are not realistic—we can't all afford solar panels and a brand new Tesla. In the case of military surplus goods, this is an accessible option for everyone. In fact, it's much more affordable than buying brand new, lesser-quality, made-in-a-third-world-country junk.

So in the end, the easiest way to go green is to go green... olive drab, that is.

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