StormBags went VIRAL on TikTok
Automatic Sandbag

StormBags went VIRAL on TikTok

Forget shoveling... All you need to do is add water! The StormBag weighs less than 1 lb and rapidly expands to ~30 lbs in just three to five minutes. StormBags eliminate the need to stockpile sand as well as the heavy equipment and personnel required to fill and deploy traditional sandbags. Expands in freshwater only. StormBags took the National Disaster Tradeshow in Annaheim, CA by storm in November of 2022. The video demonstrating these "automatic sangbags" went viral on TikTok quickly gaining over 1M views after Swiss Link owner, and inventor of the StormBags, Big Mo posted the clip online. StormBags are a rapidly expanding water absorption bag designed to be used in lieu of sandbags without the use of sand! The simple burlap sack grows from a mere <1lb weight to a whopping >33lb bag in less than three minutes once exposed to water. The StormBags are available on and and are quickly being added to shelves in stores across the country. For instant protection as on-site barrier walls simply submerge the StormBag in fresh water - bag will expand from 16 oz. to about 33 lbs. in 3 to 5 minutes. The StormBag requires minimal storage space and is a light, compact, easy to carry and deploy alternative to traditional sandbags. When an emergency strikes, timing is everything. StormBag is a quick, easy, and cost-effective product in an emergency situation because, with the StormBag, all you do is add water. Measures 23" x 13". StormTec USA is subsidiary of Swiss-Link, Inc. and the StormBags are manufactured in the Swiss Link warehouse in Chico, CA. They're made in the USA by a california certified small business. The bags can be reused several times and are both non-toxic and biodegrable.  
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