A guy walks into a bar and he has an orange for a head

A guy walks into a bar and he has an orange for a head

A guy walks into a bar and he has an orange for a head. Naturally, the bartender asks him what happened. The man with the orange for a head says,

Well, one day, I was walking along a beach when I stubbed my toe on something. I looked down, and sticking out of the sand was an antique lamp. So I picked it up and brushed away some of the sand when a big cloud of blue smoke suddenly erupted from it.

When the smoke cleared, a genie was standing there. This genie said to me, "Thank you for freeing me from my 5,000-year confinement. For doing this, I will grant you two wishes." So, I think, wow, okay. And I do what many people would. For my first wish, I wish to be fantastically wealthy. So the genie snaps his fingers, and suddenly I'm covered in jewels. Hundreds of necklaces, three rings per finger, a crown on my head, and a chest full of gold next to me besides all that.

The bartender is in absolute amazement. He simply can not believe what he is hearing. Eager to hear the rest, he says, "So what was your second wish?" The man with an orange for a head looked at him and said, "I wished for an orange for a head."


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