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Three men were at the gates of heaven

Three men were at the gates of heaven, but there was only room for one person. St. Peter asked each of them how they died, and the best story would get through:

Man 1: I was adamant my wife was cheating. I came up to my apartment on the 24th floor and walked in, only to find my wife by herself. I was pleasantly surprised until I saw a man hanging off the edge of the balcony by just his fingers. I went over to him with a hammer and hit his hands until he let go. He fell in some bushes, and was still alive, so I grabbed my fridge and lifted it over the edge so it would fall on him. And after all that heavy lifting, I died of a heart attack.

“Oh that is terrible”, said St Peter as he turned to the second man, “what about you?”

Man 2: I was on my 25th-floor balcony doing some yoga and I fell over the edge! I managed to hang on by just my fingers when I saw a man coming over, I was so relieved! But then he started hammering away at my fingers and I fell. Luckily I landed in a bush. I was alive but very sore. He then threw a fridge over the edge and, well, here I am”

“That is just terrible,” said St Peter. “What about you?” He asked man number three.

Man 3: “Well, I was hiding in a fridge...”


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