Renovo Trio Stage 2 Replacement Filter

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The Renovo Ultra Filtration (UF) hollow fiber membrane is unique in a couple ways.It has a large surface area that enables a high flow rate. The membrane has a smaller pore size than other hollow fiber membrane filters. When the Renovo hollow fiber membrane has reduced flow, back flush the filter with clean water and continue use. Back flush this element before putting in storage.

How To Replace
Hold the Trio upright and remove the cap
Turn the tip counter clockwise and pull up to remove from the housing
Unscrew bottom pre-filter
From the bottom, lightly push the UF hollow fiber filter up till it can be grabbed from the top
Set aside the round spacer
Drop in new filter element by lightly pushing down till it stops in the filter housing
Replace round spacer
Put filter back together by repeating steps 1-4 in reverse order

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