Dutch Army Issue Woodland Daypack

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This is one of the most amazing backpacks we have ever gotten our hands-on. Why? Let's cut to the chase—the side pouches detach and connect into one completely separate backpack -or- two separate messenger bags with their own straps! The Dutch Army did something awesome here. It's made with heavy-duty Cordura material and features a padded back, shoulder straps, a kidney belt and the side pouches we talked about earlier. This pack roughly measures 27" x 24" x 8" with the side pouches on. They're in excellent condition for being used, will come in a condition very close to the images. Better known as the "Lowe Alpine Sting rucksack".

Used | #2 Condition: These are still good usable packs, but may have one or more of the following issues: a busted zipper, a missing buckle, a missing strap, or faded color.

Note: the side pouches come in two styles. One with a molle system on the outside as shown in the main images, and one with buckle straps as shown in the last image. Please select the style you prefer. "Used | #2 Condition" packs will come in either style.

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