Disaster Preparedness Kit

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This disaster preparedness kit starts you off with the essentials. With this basic go-bag, you are ready to "bug out" in the face of an emergency situation or natural disaster. Here at Swiss Link, we have faced the devastating effects of wildfires and know first-hand how important it is to be ready to leave at moments notice with supplies that will keep you safe and feeling comfortable.

In addition to this kit, we recommend packing 2-3 days of packing water and food, any important documents, and of course small valuables like gold or cash that you don't want to leave behind. This is an essentials kit and meant to be a good starting point.

With the growing concern of natural disasters, whether it be tornadoes in the mid-west, flooding in the south, hurricanes to the east, and fires and earthquakes on the west coast, it is becoming more important to be prepared.

This kit includes:

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