Individual First Aid Kit


The FA102C is our own version of the military issued pouch, same Mil-Spec except for the easier to open pull snaps in the front. Contains 44 items, including 2 Bandage Gauze, 2'x5' yds. 6 Pain Relievers, 1 Sterile Sponges, 4'x4' 1 Triple Antibiotic, 1 Eye Pad, 1 First Aid Cream, 5 Bandage Strips, 1'x3' 1 Tape, Roll, Adhesive, 1 Trauma Dressing, 4 Alcohol Wipes, 1 Pill Bottle, 3 Iodine Wipes, 3 Knuckle Bandages, 3 Antiseptic BZK Wipes, 2 Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules, 3 Clean Wipes, 1 EFA - First Aid Instructions, 3 After Bite Wipes.

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