Multi-Cam Bundle | UBAC Shirt, Multi-Cam Cap, Alice Pack

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The Multi-cam bundle.

The British military issue UBAC multi-cam (under body armor combat) shirt features a green Coolmax body which wicks away sweat while keeping you both cool and dry. The arms each have a pocket and are padded for protection. The shirt includes button cuffs and a 1/4 length zipper. It's also treated with Permethrin to repel bugs. The treatment lasts under normal washing conditions for one year. (We have one size available which fits both men's Large and XL comfortably. The chest measures 46".)

Our framed Alice pack measures 19" tall, 15" wide, and 11" deep and weigh in at only 6 lbs. It features a
heavy-duty Alice frame, secure waist belt, three large exterior pouches, three small exterior pouches, a Multi-Cam digital pattern, and secure strap closures.

Top it off with a brand new, adjustable, tactical cap. It's made of real Rip-Stop material and comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit all sizes. It features Velcro panels on the front, rear, and top for your favorite patches.

This 3-pack includes:

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