Authentic Romanian military surplus. Shop our collection of genuine Romanian clothing, packs and bags, tools, and more. Find vintage army navy gear at Swiss Link including coats, rucksacks, and parkas!


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Romanian Long Wool Coat Green Olive DrabRomanian Long Wool Coat Green Olive Drab
Romanian Wool Long Coat
Sale priceFrom $14.99 Regular price$49.99
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Romanian Wool PantsRomanian Wool Pants
Romanian Wool Pants
Sale price$32.99
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Romanian wool jacket coat olive drab O.D.Romanian wool jacket coat olive drab O.D.
Romanian Wool Jacket
Sale price$16.99 Regular price$24.99
Romanian Army "Wine" BagRomanian Army "Wine" Bag
Romanian Army "Wine" Bag
Sale price$29.99
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Romanian M94 Parka With LinerRomanian M94 Parka With Liner
Romanian M94 Parka With Liner
Sale priceFrom $36.99 Regular price$44.99
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Romanian M1990 "Leaf" Pattern ShirtRomanian M1990 "Leaf" Pattern Shirt
Romanian M90 Leaf Pattern Shirt
Sale priceFrom $8.99
Romanian M90 Leaf Pattern Parka With LinerRomanian M90 Leaf Pattern Parka w/Liner
Romanian Ripstop Woodland Parka | Fleece TrimRomanian Ripstop Woodland Parka | Fleece Trim
Romanian Ripstop Woodland Parka | Quilted TrimRomanian Ripstop Woodland Parka | Quilted Trim
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Romanian Canvas Bread BagRomanian Canvas Bread Bag
Romanian Canvas Bread Bag
Sale price$29.99
Romanian Woodland XL Combat RucksackRomanian Woodland XL Combat Rucksack
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Romanian M1990 / M90 "Leaf" Pattern Jacket W/Built In LinerRomanian M1990 / M90 "Leaf" Pattern Jacket W/Built In Liner
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Romanian M1990 "Leaf" Pattern Light-Weight JacketRomanian M1990 "Leaf" Pattern Light Weight Jacket
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Romanian Wool Pants | Women'sRomanian Wool Pants | Women's
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Romanian Wool Winter HatRomanian Wool Winter Hat
Romanian Wool Winter Hat
Sale price$12.99
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Romanian M94 Jacket & Built-in LinerRomanian M94 Jacket & Built-in Liner
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