Digiforce 860RT Digital NV Monocular

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Digiforce 860RT Digital NV Monocular

The Pulsar Digiforce 860RT Digital Night Vision Monocular
exposes the night’s biggest mysteries with an
ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor boasting industry-leading
low-light clarity. Equipped with an adjustable
power IR illuminator and 6.5-13x magnification, the
Digiforce 860RT is ready for close to long-range observation.
Crisp 640x480 night vision imaging display
and 3 rangefinding reticle options combine to deliver
high-function, low drag, jaw-dropping versatility.
With video out and WiFi transmitting capabilities,
night vision surveillance footage can be recorded
with an external DVR. For longer continuous use, the
optic can be paired with an external power supply.
The Digiforce 860RT is the perfect solution to all of
your nighttime hunting, surveillance and security


• Carrying case
• Wrist strap
• Micro USB cable
• Warranty card
• User manual
• Tripod adapter


• 6.5 -13x Magnification
• 2x digital zoom
• Built-in video recording with sound
• Stream vision support for real-time
• Built-in LED IR illuminator
• Adjustable power for IR illuminator
• High sensitivity CMOS sensor
• Resistant to bright light exposure
• External power supply adaptable
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