German Military Night Vision

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This is a used infrared nightvision FERO 51 of german / swiss army forces. This nightvision was developed from the companies AEG, De Oude Delft und Eltro (Zeiss - Group).  The features of the FERO 51:  - the weight is 3.86 lbs - rubber armouring - water proof - shock resistance - single eyepice focusing, scale from -5 to +5 - the eyepiece distance is adjustable from 58 mm to 72 mm - field of vision is 6 grad 30 - eyepiece and objective are made from Zeiss - optic magnification of 6x - the lenght is ca 270 mm, the height ca. 85 mm, the width is ca.166mm - electric operated by CR123A battery (will be suplied) - Comes with infared flash light that mounts on the top   The night vision is in a used condition but good condition, there are no scratches on the lenses.
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