Italian Reproduction Officers Blanket W/Star

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Italian Reproduction Officers Blanket W/Star

So we once had a whole container full (5000pcs) of what we thought was nothing but the original Italian wool soldiers blankets, but in the mix, we were finding a few heavy Italian officers blankets w/star. We were in love instantly. Although everyone loved and wanted them we didn't feel it was right to sell them... the big downer about those blankets was the smell of moth balls, and nobody wanted to deal with the mothballs...

Since there were no more to be found (and everybody wanted them) we decided to recreate this beautiful Italian officers blanket. It weighs a whopping 5 lbs, made of 80% wool and are 60" x 84" with the officer star stitch. NO SMELL, heavy duty quality soft and beautiful and the best thing ....they are only $39.99 :-)

Get them while they last quantities

We had a beautiful copy of the Italian Army Officer's blanket made. A nice heavy blanket that is 80% wool and weighs 5lbs! Measures a nice 60" x 84". Has a stitched Army star in the corner just like the Officer's blanket had on them. Stock up on them while they last!
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