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Picture this: You are a young Italian Navy recruit in the 50's. You are excited to get your military equipment and to spend months at a time at sea. WW2 has been over for 5 years and the Italian navy is rebuilding slowly under the watch of the U.S. occupation forces. They hand you this navy issue knife. It seems like a small piece of equipment but it is yours now and you keep it with you everywhere you go. You use it to untangle knots to slice some cheese during you on deck break. It becomes a comforting feeling when you feel it in your pocket. It's a lifetime quality tool... then you muster out after 3 years and have to give it back!  Well that's when we got it, and now it can be yours :-)

Italian Navy issue pocket knife. Used in good condition. "Rabbit's foot" blade and utility blade. Great little pocket knife!

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