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Military Surplus:

Military Surplus has been around for centuries in different forms and quantities. When countries prepare for war, materials and supplies are required to outfit troops. Military surplus stores have been popping up all over North America since the end of World War II. 
Military surplus stores are also referred to as army supplies stores or milsurps for short. Overall, they are some of the best places to get high quality and unique clothes, gear, outdoor equipment, and tools. 
Army surplus stores stock a wide range of army clothing as well as other products. Military clothing is quite a popular fashion item and is not exclusively for soldiers or outdoorsmen, but it is still a fashion statement. Army trousers can be worn by individuals of different ages and anyone can wear them irrespective of body shape. 
One of the main reasons why people prefer military surplus is the product quality. The products are in most cases over engineered since failure isn't an option on the battlefield. Other details that attest to the quality of the product is that they are manufactured by companies that have been in operation for a long time. 
The products are often unique and sometimes technologically advanced when compared to civilian goods. The following is a more detailed discussion into the reasons why the products you will find in army surplus stores are more preferable. 

Quality and Authenticity

Army surplus stores sell the surplus of gear made for military use, which means that the items they sell are generally of very high quality. If you choose products from army surplus stores you will be getting the very best when it comes to shoes, clothes, and accessories. You will find many popular brands at these stores often discounted if there is a product error.


Army surplus stores are quite popular because they offer specific products that are quite hard to find elsewhere. Besides unique clothes and gear that you will hardly ever find in regular retail stores, army surplus stores sell paracord, patches, and other survival essentials that may vary in style from what is popular currently. The people that love to hack or mod will find the stores great project starters.


Quality gear never comes cheap, and if you want high quality items, you normally have to pay extra. Surprisingly, army surplus stores usually offer discounted products, especially electronics, tools, and furniture. You can compile a season's worth of camping gear or a reliable kit for a lot less than going to a regular outdoor supplies store.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to make a bold fashion statement or need army surplus products for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, camping, etc., you should only choose authentic products from army surplus products online.
Army surplus stores are usually independently owned and operated, which means that you will be supporting local businesses. The stores usually never have a shortage of veterans or experts willing to share their knowledge with you.
Fashion stores might have a reputation for their captivating designs and intricate details, but they usually never last too long whereas authentic clothing, gear, and products from an army surplus store online will last for a very long time.
The bottom line is that a trip to a military surplus store is always fun for the people that enjoy the aesthetic of military clothing and gear and the perfect opportunity to get some hard-to-find products you will not find elsewhere.
If you are now an army surplus convert or are a military fashion aficionado, you should consider buying authentic gear from a reputable online store.

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