New French Bollé Goggles

  • New French Bollé Goggles
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New French Bollé Goggles

Once in a great while a famous brand like Bollé is asked by the military (French in this case) to make a military grade product; Bolle worked with the French Army to design these goggles (who of course overbought) and VIOLA! we now have Bolle brand snow and sand proof goggles made for the military and available to the general public!

Brand new Bollé goggles have thickly padded frames, are vented, have an adjustable head strap. These will arrive at your doorstep with a yellow lens and an "extra" clear lens plus a drawstring bag with the Bolle name on it. These make great champagne celebration goggles too!

Brand new, in the box.

Brand new Bollé goggles. Comes with an extra clear lens and a drawstring bag with the Bolle name on it. Thickly padded frames, vented and an adjustable head strap. Brand new, in the box. Limited quantities.
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