Swiss M71 Emergency Cooker

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Swiss M71 Emergency Cooker

Designed for use by the Swiss Military for portability and operational security, the Swiss M71 Emergency Cooker is perfect for heating food and water when a campfire is not an option.

Weighing only 6.6 ounces, compact, with closed measurements of 2.75" tall and 3" in diameter this stove kit is perfect for bug out bags, emergency kits, survival kits, backpacking, and all types of outdoor activities. To use, simply remove steel burner from around can. Simply remove the green cap from the top of the can and rest the can on the cap or any other heat resistant surface. Puncture the top metal membrane of the can and remove to expose gelled fuel. Rest the steel burner into rim on top of the can. Light gelled fuel using matches, lighter, fire steel or any other striker.

To end use, simply knock the burner from the top of the can. Rest the green cap on the can to extinguish the flame. Then retighten the cap and nest the can inside the burner. The rubber seal inside the lid keeps the gelled fuel from leaking or evaporating between uses. It includes enough gelled fuel for approximately two hours of burn time, and the stove can hold up to 25 lbs of weight during use. The stove can be reused over and over until all the fuel has been consumed.

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