New U.S. Tan Jungle Boot

  • New U.S. Tan Jungle Boot
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New U.S. Tan Jungle Boot

Brand new U.S. issue Desert jungle boots. Padded collar, thick rubber sole. Excellent Military quality.

Let me tell you something. When it comes to Military tough these are a great example of just that. Boots that will last forever. Battle tested!***ALL WE HAVE ARE SIZE 11 NARROW SIZE***

These were issued to our brave soldiers that were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. Now no matter what reason  right or wrong these girls and boys were sent there,  we salute them for their braveness and courage. And just like we pray for their safe return we also appreciate their clothing coming back , because just like the soldiers that wore them they are of the highest quality . And now back home for you to wear and cherish for a long time.

Brand new U.S. issue Desert Tan boots.
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