British Military PLCE DPM Woodland Rucksack | Large Pouches

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These British Army backpacks feature two very large detachable side pouches, a padded waistband and shoulder straps, an extra zippered compartment in the lid, a front pouch, and easy-pull drawstring closures. It's a sturdy, dependable pack that will serve you well for years to come.

These packs come in two conditions: "used" and "#2 condition". The used packs are all in working condition and will closely match what's shown in the images. There may be signs of wear and storage such as small blemishes and faded color.

The "#2 condition" packs will have holes or broken zippers and larger blemishes and a more severely faded color. They may also have a missing buckle. 

Long Back (Users above 174cm tall)
Main pack: 25" x 15" x 5" (100 Liters)
Side pouches: 14" x 7" x 5" (10 Liters)

Short Back (Users below 174cm tall)
Main pack: 21" x 15" x 5" (90 Liters)
Side pouches: 14" x 7" x 5" (10 Liters each)

Note: these packs may or may not include an internal metal frame.

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