British Royal Mail Courier | Messenger Bag

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This is the official British Royal Mail courier bag! It comes with large, reflective high-vis stripes in either yellow or white and a single padded carry strap. These bags generously measure about 14" x 18" x 6" and have a capacity of approximately 24 liters. They're meant to carry mail so they're built sturdy and to be very water-resistant to protect their contents from rain. This is a very durable and unique shoulder bag. Please see the descriptions of the conditions below.

Panniers: British Royal Mail bag dual set includes two bags that attach with a harness that goes over the shoulders. Makes a great bicycle bag. Used but in excellent condition. Each bag measures 14" x 18" x 8". Limited supplies available.

Blue: As you can see, the blue bags are an older style and will be in poorer condition than the others. They're a rare color and supplies are extremely limited. These are never in stock for long.

New Condition: The bags marked "New" are in like-new condition meaning they are complete and show almost no signs of wear. These are what we call "new old stock" and are as good as it gets for these Royal Mail bags. These are extremely rare.

Used | Good Condition: The bags marked "Used" are in used condition meaning they may have some dirt and signs of wear, but they're all in perfectly serviceable condition. The bags vary slightly in look and style—some of the high-vis reflective stripings may be peeled or missing and the bags may include writing from their original owners. The pads may be cracked and worn as well. They could use a wash and steam, but with a little TLC, they're a great bag for everyday use. 

Used | #2 Condition: The bags marked "#2 Condition" are very dirty, worn, and have their reflective striping either partially or completely missing. They may also have excessive writing on them and/or stains. The buckles may be missing or mismatched and the padding on the shoulder strap may be missing or more severely cracked as well. This is why they are heavily discounted. Small cuts, tears, holes, and abrasions should be expected.

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