Classic Wool Combo | Three Classic Wool Blankets

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Save on these three absolutely beautiful Classic Wool blankets. The first of the lot is the U.S. Navy Reproduction Wool Blanket. It's 80% wool, measures a very nice 60” x 82”, and weighs in at 4.4 lbs. Secondly, you get the Charcoal Grey Wool Blanket which weighs in at 4.6 pounds and measures a generous 64" x 90". Made with 80% wool as well, this blanket is top-of-the-line in quality and durability. Last but not least, this combo comes with the Classic Wool reproduction of the sought after Swiss Army Blanket. These beauties are 70% fine wool with an come with a white stitched cross. They measure a generous 60" x 80" and weigh over 4 lbs. Some blankets may come slightly larger and heavier overall with varying lengths in either direction.

This combo includes:

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