Dutch Army Rucksack | Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20

SKU 4577

**complete packs are sold out, packs will come without side pouches**

This is a Dutch Army issue Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20 rucksack. It comes with or without the detachable side pouches in a classic olive green color. This is a used, military surplus item in good condition which means it may show signs of use such as decoloration, cosmetic blemishes, and evidence of its previous owner. These are all signs of authentic military issue gear. External measurements approx. 88 x 57 x 33 cm / (34.5" x 22.5" x 13")

Note: these are also available in "#2 condition" for a discount. Packs in this condition may have small holes or broken zippers, missing straps, and do not come with rocket pouches.

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