Dutch Army Issue Woodland Daypack


This is one of the most amazing backpacks we have ever gotten our hands-on. Why? Let's cut to the chase—the side pouches detach and connect into one completely separate backpack -or- two separate messenger bags with their own straps! The Dutch Army did something awesome here. It's made with heavy-duty Cordura material and features a padded back, shoulder straps, a kidney belt, and the side pouches we talked about earlier. This pack roughly measures 27" x 24" x 8" with the side pouches on. They're in used but good condition and do show some wear on the shoulder harness. This rucksack is better known as the "Lowe Alpine Sting".

Used | #2 Condition: These are still good usable packs, but may have one or more of the following issues: a busted zipper, a missing buckle, a missing strap, or faded color.

Note: the side pouches come in two styles. One with a molle system on the outside as shown in the main images, and one with buckle straps as shown in the last image. Please select the style you prefer. "Used | #2 Condition" packs will come in either style.

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