Finnish Army Wool Pants | Blue

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The most incredible 100% wool pants we have ever found! You can finally "Finnish" your search for the ultimate, highest quality wool pants ever made. Heavy duty 100% wool, but very soft to the touch. Button fly, big cargo pockets, as well as one rear pocket. Wool is the only material that you can get wet and it will still keep you warm. Inseams for these pants average 30"-32" they can be let out by another 1 1/2 ". These are a must have wool pant. New, high-quality wool items don't come around like this anymore. These are part of our Swiss Link classic wool line. Made in Finland.

These are also available in a slightly darker, greyer color here.

Notice: We measure each pant from left to right inside the waistband as shown in the picture and then double the inches to get the waist size. The one in the picture measures 19" across so it is a waist size 38! Please measure a pair of pants that fit you well and pick your size accordingly. These pants do not stretch and Some pants come pleated. Thank you.

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