Hungarian Duffel Bag W/Straps

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The Hungarians are not only famous for their Goulash and Shashlik. They also made some serious military bags. This Hungarian duffel bag has a strap on the back so it can also be worn as a backpack. For further versatility, the top can be folded in to measure 14" x 22" and fully expanded it measures 31" x 22". They're lightly used and in good condition. This is a piece of genuine military surplus.

Before the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA, we kept these across the street from our main warehouse in a small pop-up building that we used to store a few things. Miraculously, it survived the blaze unscathed! Get one today and you can say you've got a relic not only from the Hungarian military but also from the deadliest fire in California's history.

Save $50 with a 10-pack.

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