Norwegian Rucksack Nylon & Canvas | Used

SKU 4404

These are military issue Norwegian used backpacks come with all the bells and whistles. First of all, they're loaded with genuine leather straps—not just the backpack straps, but accessory straps on both sides and very long bedroll straps up top. The green color may vary slightly but they're all in serviceable condition. They will have some scratches or small blemishes from storage and transportation but as far as military surplus goes they're not too bad. Most are showing signs of wear and tear, especially the leather straps, we will be sending out the best ones first.

Measuring in at 13" x 17" x 7" (19" x 17" x 7" including the side pockets) they're generous enough in size to exceed the needs of a typical day pack. The sturdy metal frame and lumbar strap allow for heavy carrying capacity as well. This would make for great backpacking or bug out bag.

Note: Canvas is out of stock.

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