Original Paradise Pepper Sauce™


Original Paradise Pepper Sauce™ by BrannenGourmet. A savory, sweet and spicy masterpiece of red and yellow California bell peppers, Blenheim apricots and a hint of habañero. Try this amazingly versatile sauce to bring out the most satisfying flavors of poultry, fish, pork, beef, wild game, vegetables, BBQ and stir fry. Slather generously over ribs, glaze seafood or pour over brie. Enjoy each Paradise Pepper Sauce variety–Original, Spicy Cranberry, Sweet Habañero and Angry CranCot–they truly are the closest thing to heaven in a jar. Gluten-Free

Serving Suggestions

The Perfect Appetizer:

Everyone's favorite poured over cream cheese with crab meat, goat cheese, warm brie or even tofutti cream cheese.

Great on Meat:

Use as versatile, delicious glaze or BBQ sauce over all meats: salmon, water fowl, venison, poultry and more.


Add a few tablespoons of Paradise Pepper Sauce with wine, beer, broth or any liquid to your next pan of meat juices and reduce for a delicious finishing sauce.

Warm with your favorite mustard to create a yummy glaze for ham, roasted chicken, roast pork and turkey.


Desserts Too:

Pour over ice cream and enjoy.

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