Polish Army Leopard Camo Backpack | Zába Pattern

SKU 2161

The Polish "leopard camo" Backpack comes in used but very good condition. The camouflage pattern is called the Zába Pattern, which is actually Polish for Frog. In Germany, this camouflage pattern is often referred to as "Pumatarn". We call the print "leopard" or "puma" camo because of its unique camouflage pattern that resembles the infamous jungle cats. This Polish Army issue backpack has heavy-duty canvas straps and a reinforced waterproof bottom. Extended it measures a generous 27” tall and 12” by 9” at the base. Folded over, the bag measures 17” inches tall. The straps are secured to the bag and reinforced by large horizontal cross-sections. This is a bit on the overengineered side when it comes to a duffel bag with backpack straps, yet it only weighs two pounds! These packs are unique and very sturdy.

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