French ARF-A Gas Mask | Bag & Filter


This is an authentic French military gas mask set complete with a filter and bag. It's known as an "ARF-A" (or ANP VP F1) which in French is short for "Appareil Normal de Protection à Visière Panoramique Mle F1" (English: normal protection apparatus with panoramic visor model F1). We originally thought these were the Polish copy, but it turns out they're the original French model! The two are nearly identical.

The masks are a toxic agent resisting polyurethane in tactical black color. The panoramic visor is also made of polyurethane. The masks come in good new-old-stock condition. The bags are in good used condition and may be dirty. The masks may come a little cloudy as you can see in the images—this can be cleaned to produce a clear visor. Great for cosplay and replica wear, you can be proud to own a genuine piece of military history. These come in two sizes: small/medium and large/x-large. The masks come in black and desert color and the bags come in OD green and desert color. Please select the size and color before ordering.

Note: these are sold for costume only and not intended for use. Lenses may be cloudy but can be cleaned with an alcohol solution.

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