Three Medium Aluminum Storage Boxes | Scratch & Dent

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These are three "scratch and dent" Swiss Link Aluminum Storage Boxes. They're in good working condition but are suffering cosmetic damage. A little elbow grease and these can be straightened out. Take this opportunity to save BIG on three medium-sized aluminum boxes.  

Original list price: $585 ($195 each)
Each box measures:
 27.17” x 19.29” x 13”, 24.5 gallons, 12.32 lbs.
Listing description: You needn’t be a doomsday prepper to acquire these sturdy, all-aluminum cases. They're great for securing any kind of tools or treasure you might have. These boxes are made to our specs using heavy 1mm thick aluminum sheeting, ribbing for strength, and heavily reinforced top corners made of aluminum castings. They are designed so that like-sized cases can be stacked without them slipping off of each other and all three sizes can be nested together like Russian dolls. The handles are made of steel with spring-loaded rubber grips. The clasps are made of steel too. The handles and clasps are riveted to the body. No tack welding! The lids are hinged on the wide side, back, and have hold-open tapes. The upper edges of the open cases have rubber seals, to prevent moisture from entering the cases.

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