Quantum HD38S Thermal Imager Monocular

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Quantum HD38S Monocular PL77311 // Thermal
• 30hz refresh rate
• 640x480 resolution
• 2.1 - 4.2x magnification (Due to 2x Digital Zoom)
• Manual, automatic, and semi automatic calibration modes
• City, forest, and identification viewing modes
• Hot white/ hot black viewing modes
• Up to 1,040 yd Detection Range (Human Size Target)
• Long viewing range
• OLED display
• Brightness and contrast adjustments
• Video output • Quick start-up • External power supply adaptable • Compact and light weight Carrying case
Output Video cable
Hand strap
Car adapter
Extra battery container
Lens Cleaning cloth Type: Thermal Imaging Monoculars
Magnification: 2.1x
OLED Resolution: 640x480
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