The Sun Turtle Solar Lamp

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The SunTurtle is a small, smart and sustainable solar lamp with some really clever features. The loop allows you to fix the SunTurtle to any standard soda bottle and use it as a lamp stand. It also comes with the patented “FlexFoot” that can be used as a table stand or to attach the lamp to a wall or ceiling.
  • A versatile solar lantern with multiple functions
  • Clever ‘loop’ to attach lamp to any bottle with a standard cork/spout
  • Includes a flexible tri-pod ‘Flexifoot’ that can serve as a table stand or for visting to the wall or ceiling
  • Can be used as a task light, table light, ceiling light/lantern, portable light, flashlight
  • Semi transparent bottom and light diffusing lense
  • Has a rechargeable LiFePO battery that needs 3-4 hours of good sunlight to become fully charged
  • Low self discharge. Can be stored for years without damaging the battery
  • Dimmer switch lets you choose between 2 levels of LED light intensity and operating time
  • Automatic dimming to low mode at low voltage
  • UV resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Splash proof – IP class 42
  • LiFePO4 400 mAh battery with 1000+ cycles or 3-4 years of regular use
  • A Light source – 1 Samsung LED
  • High light output: 25 lumen/5+ hours
  • Medium light output: 8 lumen/15+ hours
  • Low light output: 2 lumen/120 + hours
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Light distribution: 120 degrees
  • Automatic dimming to lower modes at low voltage
  • unique and playful design
  • Solar panel with air flow cooling – 0.5 W
  • Charging time PV: 3-8 hours depending on how much sun is available
  • Battery spec: 1 LifePO Battery/400 mAh / 3.2 V
  • Battery protection: self discharge, reverse polarity, trickle charge
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