Swiss 1920 s Glacier Goggles

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Swiss 1920 s Glacier Goggles

Take a look through these beautiful antique Swiss glacier goggles from the 1920's. Swiss mountaineers back in the day depended on these goggles for protection against the unforgiving storms and threatening snow blindness of the high Alps. These trusty pocket sized goggles were never left out of reach. They come in the original metal tin with vented eye pieces . Like all of the best military surplus out there, they come used and in good condition.

We have now found some more. Here is what is wrong with them. The canvas band that allows you to put them a around your head is missing.

They didn't last 90 years like the rest of the goggle. So we are offering them as is. All you need to do is use a piece of cotton strapping or any other solutions to make these wonderful antique Goggles work

These are original Swiss 1920's glacier goggles. They don't have the cloth straps, but you can easily add your own.
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