Swiss Condor Military MO-93 Bicycle

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This Swiss Condor Bicycle is the Real Deal Holyfield used by the Swiss Army. These bikes were manufactured in the 1990"s  has a 7 speed Shimano gearing and derailer. Really nice Dynamo powered running lights for the front and the back. It has an awesome tool box, front and back porters, and a back plate with the Swiss insignia and number plate Nr. 2001. Wheels are 26" and the frame is steel. We are down to our very last one!

Swiss Military Bicycle specially adapted to meet the needs of armed forces. In use since the early 20th century in many armies throughout the world, bicycles allow swift, silent movement and increased mobility on the battlefield. This beauty was built between 1993-1995. This Bicycle is a strong, sturdy 48 lbs. A few are still used at the Company 17 (Fallschirmaufklrer Kompanie 17) Special Forces base and Paratrooper school at Locarno-Magadino military airport in southern Switzerland. Front and back racks. 7-speed Shimano derailleur gearing. Front and rear lights powered by axle-mounted dynamo. Hydraulic rim brakes. Lockable frame storage boxes hold included pump, tool kit. Leather saddle. Straight mountain-bicycle style handlebars. 26" spoked wheels, pneumatic tires. Built to last and ready to ride. Weighs approx. 48 lbs. Call for a shipping quote.
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