The Super Ark Survival Kit

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Don't let its small size and low price fool you. It was designed to provide the minimum survival basics and cover you for food and water for 72 hours (3 days). This is not just some cheapo stripped down kit either. We consider this kit to have the minimum of what you need. Be weary of kits that may contain less just to offer a cheaper price. This is your "survival insurance" and you don't want to cut corners here. We have sold thousands of these kits to businesses, hotels, police departments, and of course families. If you are on a low cost budget, then seriously consider our Deluxe Survivor Kit. The Deluxe Survivor Kit Covers You for – Food 1200 Calories Per Day. Excellent tasting vanilla cookie dough taste
Water Purified Water Pouches * Light 12 Hr. Instant Lightstick and Candle
Warmth Includes reflective blanket, hand warmer, candle and matches
First-Aid Kit 22 first-aid items
Each year disasters catch thousands of people off guard. Many say "it can't or won't happen here." Most simply procrastinate. Our Deluxe Survivor-Pak is both economical and super compact. Whether you're riding out a disaster, stranded in the middle of nowhere, or stuck in a severe winter storm, this kit can be a lifesaver. Literally! Contains not just food & water, but many extra's you don't usually see in a kit this low in price. The perfect size for kids at school, vehicles, boats, RV's or in your desk drawer at work. Many companies have used this as a bonus gift or Real Estate move in gift. Our Deluxe Survivor Kit Contains Over 30 Items: 9 - Emergency Food Bars (3600k Calories total)
6 - Purified Water Pouches
1 - 52" x 82" Reflective Emergency Blanket
1 - 18 Hour Hand and Body Warmer
1 - 22-Item First Aid Kit * 1 - Instant 12 Hour Light Stick
1 - 4" Wax Candle * 1 - Box of Waterproof Matches
1 - 4-Color Heavy-Duty Carrying Box
Food and water units have a 5 year shelf-life. Whether you need 1 kit, 12 or 1,000, we can fill any size order… fast!
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